Say Yes to Taiwan Formosa,  Say No to ROC

People who care about and love Taiwan: 

At the end of 2020, when the world is changing dramatically, a group of people who agree with the “Vision” of “March for Taiwan” (MFT) sincerely invite you to join us.  Vision of “MFT” is [The establishment of a truly democratic, free and independent Taiwan is essential for world peace ]After you read our website (, if you feel like participating or sponsoring, please use the contact method on the last page of the website to contact us. Or, call 09-1312-0101.

In the meanwhile, we would like to invite you to participate in the 6th event of “MFT”.

The details of this event are as follows:
Time: 2021, January 1, 6 AM
Location: Ketagalan Boulevard, at the Presidential office
Goal: “Say Yes to Taiwan Formosa,  Say No to ROC”


落實台灣國, 歡送中華民國

在2020年底, 世局變化多端之時, 咱一群認同 “為台灣來行” (MFT)的 “願景” 的人,誠執敬邀您來參加咱的行列。  MFT 的 “願景”  就是 [建立真正的民主自由和獨立的台灣是世界和平必要的條件]. 當您閲讀咱的網站 ( 之後, 若有同感欲參加或贊助時, 請利用最後的網頁中的連絡方式與咱連絡. 或撥09-1312-0101.

在此,同時也邀請您來參加“MFT” 第6次的活動.

時間:公元2021年,1月1日,6 AM
地點: 凱達格蘭大道, 總統 府前
訴求目標: “落實台灣國, 歡送中華民國”